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Newsflash: B'Nai Brith Canada Attacks Palestine Film Festival ... Again! (Electronic Intifada, October 2, 2005)

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Thursday, September 29 - Sunday, October 2, 2005 in Winnipeg

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After last year’s stunning festival success entitled “Images of Occupation & Resistance in Israel-Palestine,” the Canada-Palestine Support Network-Winnipeg is proud to present “The Occupation Will Still Be Televised: The 2nd Annual Canada Palestine Film Festival. Media attention surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict has dwindled since the exaggerated frenzy and misplaced hopes surrounding both the death of Yasser Arafat, and the subsequent Palestinian elections in 2004-05. But Israel’s brutal and illegal military occupation of Palestinian lands continues unabated into its 38th year. The Western media’s willingness to be side-tracked by non-issues and shell games, such as the recent “Gaza disengagement,” has failed to silence Palestinians living under Occupation, or break their resolve to live with dignity and struggle for meaningful self-determination in their ancestral homeland. It has also failed to silence those Israelis who recognize that peace cannot be achieved by military occupation, ongoing colonization and dispossession of another people. Since the new Intifada (“uprising”) began in 2000, there has been a proliferation of new Palestinian and dissident Israeli voices, particularly artists and film-makers, within Israel-Palestine, as well as throughout the diaspora. The Canada Palestine Film Festival is pleased to bring some of these voices and untold stories to local viewers in Winnipeg and Canada.

Join us for our Grand Opening "wine & cheese" Gala on Wednesday, September 28th: featuring the launch of Montreal photographer Darren Ell's exhibit "Twice Removed: Photographs from Occupied Palestine," as well as the Winnipeg premiere of Danielle Sara Frank's film "Sunset Over Qalqiliya." For details, see the festival schedule.

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